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Dining Room and Kitchen Interior

Le Spruce creates streamlined, orderly spaces and systems that

free you from clutter and chaos.

We believe in:

  • symmetry and efficiency

  • kid-friendly systems

  • pets as family members

  • drama-free mornings

  • jaw-dropping spaces

  • confidentiality (our clients are kind of a big deal)

  • wearing white after Labor Day

  • you

Change can be challenging, but so can searching an overflowing closet for your favorite jacket or digging through your junk drawer for a spare key. A waste of time, right? We can fix that.

An organized home is an investment in your time, freedom, and peace of mind. We love creating neat spaces that suit your lifestyle, fit your budget, and make your life just a little easier. Plus, we're really good at it.


Organizing,  decluttering,  closet auditing,  consignment and donation arrangements

Kitchens,  closets,  offices,  garages,  basements,  playrooms,  bedrooms,  bathrooms,  all the rooms


Atlanta pricing:

$125/hour for a team of two organizers.

$50 shopping fee per project (if supplies are needed). Includes any returns. All items will be pre-approved by and billed to client. 

Outside Atlanta? That's cool. We totally travel. Email us for a quote.

Think you can handle it? So do we! And we're great coaches. (Go you!) Our DIY service includes:

  • 1 hour virtual consultation 

  • customized plan, shopping list, and detailed placement instructions

  • emotional support and encouraging "woo hoos"

  • email correspondence throughout your project

$300 flat fee per project


Ready to spruce up? We'd love to help.



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