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  • Tamara

Grown Up Halloween Decor to Die For

How to decorate for Halloween like an adult.

Credit: The Spoiled Home

I await Halloween like many children await Christmas Eve. My little goth heart skips a beat at the sight of all things autumnal from those first fallen leaves on the sidewalk to the jaunty skeletons welcoming trick-or-treaters from front porch steps. My own kids have taken to calling me "Momticia" for my love of the macabre. They really get me, those two.

If you're looking for tasteful Halloween decorating ideas that aren't scary as hell - no ghastly plastic wall hangings or bloody hand print decals here - here's how to decorate for Halloween like an adult.

Credit: Honestly Yum

Blow your guests mind with this lush floral display. Skulls are readily available this time of year and dark, moody faux flowers are popping up at spots like Michael's and Target. Feeling crafty? This spooky fellow is a great DIY project.

Credit: Joe Catherine

I love this idea for homes with little ones who might find spiders and witches too scary. Black flag garland, a few pumpkins, and a couple of cans of spray paint are all you'll need to create a color-coordinated, non-creepy Halloween scene that doesn't look like it belongs in a classroom.

Credit: Domino

These pretty black butterfly cut-outs are a chic and surprising departure from bats. What? You don't think delicate creatures can be menacing? To quote Alfred Hitchcock's thriller: "I hardly think a few birds are going to bring about the end of the world." Don't be so sure.

Credit: Andee Layne

Invite guests to a nightcap, if you dare. This stylish bar set up puts the "boo" in booze. Add a signature potion like the death eater negroni and see what magic the night brings.

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