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  • Tamara

My Favorite Oils for Winter Skin

Plus, the one I use from head to toe.

Chilly weather is my absolute favorite. Bring on the cozy knits and hot toddies, toasty fireplaces and Netflix binges, scaly skin and gloppy hand cream - wait, what?

Reapplying lotions throughout the day is not my idea of time well spent. So I jumped on the skin oil bandwagon and test drove a few. Here are the ones that worked for me:

My cuticles are my great white whale. I have obsessed over them since middle school when my parents called me out for having hangnails all. the. time. and when maybe my underlying anxiety could have used some tending to. I was almost convinced that a neat, unpicked nail bed would forever elude me until I fell for the chic, minimal marketing of French Girl on a whim at Madewell and I'll never turn back. Jamais.

OK, it isn't technically an oil, but it's in there. I love that Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk absorbs quickly and adds a touch of illumination. I use it on my hands, knees, and heels when they're feeling rough.

I really tried to resist typing the words "purr fur," but I couldn't. When I wax, Fur Oil prevents ingrown hairs; when I shave, it prevents razor bumps; and when I go native, it keeps my hair soft and non-bushy. My only complaint is that it initially smells like gasoline, but that doesn't last. (Does it? I don't think it does.) Plus, Emma Watson recommends it and I would probably buy anything she's selling.

Sure, goop-endorsed products can be pricey ($110) because Gwyneth isn't known for being down with a discount (it's a mere $98 with a subscription, so there's that) but I find the goop Enriching Face Oil to be worth the splurge. I mix a drop or two into my night cream to give it a boost of extra hydration and I've noticed an increase in glow and a decrease in redness since I've been using it. Yes, it's meant for the face but I use it from stem to stern. Not every square inch, but here and there on drier areas, and with my lotion at night before putting on my fuzzy socks.

Winter is coming but this time I'll be ready.

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