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  • Tamara

Back-to-School: A+ Storage Solutions

The kids are back in school, which means school supplies are back in your home. Simple organized stations are a smart way to keep your student's supplies - and your sanity - in check.

Photo credit: Postbox Designs

Assigned Seating

Siblings can keep track of their own files and papers with individual baskets like these from Target. Add personal touches to shared spaces with photos or initial accents.

Photo credit: At Charlotte's House

Bin There, Done That

Opaque bins leave school supplies within reach and out of sight. For extra organization, add write-on labels or jot down contents with a dry erase marker.

Photo Credit: A Night Owl Blog

Make it Mobile

Can't get your kids to come inside to study? Take the study station outside! A rolling cart adds spontaneity and mobility to homework assignments.

Color Coding

For younger children, color coordination makes for easy finding and easy cleanup. Store art supplies at eye level and within reach so even the littlest learner can take part in keeping things organized.

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