• Tamara

How To Store Holiday Decor

Plus, the 3 things you should toss out now.

Bidding a fond farewell to the holidays is never fun, but packing up the festive gear doesn't have to be a total buzzkill. Here are our headache-free tips for safely storing your holiday decor.


Anything breakable is best kept neatly stacked in a clear plastic bin with a sturdy lid. Especially fragile items or keepsakes can be bubble wrapped for extra protection and placed on top of the others.

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Gift Wrap

A tall standing basket or even a clean wastebasket keeps rolls of wrapping paper safe from dents and tears, and a command hook is a great option for hanging gift bags. Ribbons, bows, and gift tags can be stored in a shoe box or kept in a small basket on a nearby shelf.

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String Lights

Ah, the catalyst of many a holiday hissy fit. Fact: String lights should be wrapped and labeled in order to make Santa's sleigh fly next Christmas.

DIY: The Crazy Organized Blog

Wreaths, Garlands, and Artificial Trees

Wreaths can be wrapped and hung in a storage closet, garlands secured with twist ties and coiled in a large box, and faux trees protected in a tree bag. Wrap loosely to keep stems and leaves from being crushed, and to keep any flocking in tact and any dust out. If you have multiples for many rooms, label accordingly for easy assembly next holiday season.

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Photo: real simple


To prevent melting, keep candles in a climate controlled area rather than in an attic or garage. Store them by color or wrap them in cellophane to avoid cross-colorization. Tapers can be stored horizontally inside empty paper towel rolls.

3 Items to Toss Out Now:

1. Extra gift bags/wrap. Will you really reuse allll thoooose baaaags? Before you create clutter, consider the odds. If a bag shows signs of use (creases, loss of glitter, etc.), you aren't likely to use it again. Paper bags may be recyclable if ribbons or woven handles are removed. Also, ditch the damaged wrapping paper roll and crumpled tissue paper. If you were gonna use them, you would have used them by now.

2. Perishables. Fresh pine sprigs, candy canes, or strung popcorn should be thrown out to avoid a sticky, smelly mess next year.

3. Anything broken. If you want to keep it, fix it now. Otherwise, it's a waste of space.